Our Story

Owner License Esthetician De'Maria Walker has lived with Atopic Dermatitis Eczema her entire life. In her early childhood her condition started in a mild stage and as she matured the condition became more severe. When she received her license in Esthetics, she knew she wanted to make a change with her skin and hair. She knew once she made that change she had to share it with others. De'Maria's testimony started in her kitchen and the rest is history. After a long journey of crafting her line O'Shalas Formula was born. O'Shalas Formula is a natural handcrafted line of skin/hair nourishment's that are beneficial for persons with Eczema, dry and normal skin. As well for kinky and curly hair textures. The purpose of O'Shalas Formula is to create more smiles (: Here at O'Shalas Formula we know your battle, you are not alone and we will smile through this together :)