Q: How long is shipping?

5-7 Business days. Orders will not be shipped on weekends only Monday-Friday. 

Q: Is local pickup available?

Unfortunately not at the moment. 

Q: The Relief Body Ointment, can it only be used for eczema?

Great question! No our ointment can be used on all skin types but works amazing for people with Eczema, dry and sensitive skin. Also children and diabetic safe. If you suffer from dry and cracked feet this product works MIRACLES. Go read the testimonies {reviews}. 

Q: Can the Miracle Elixir only be used on natural hair?

No! Our Miracle Elixir can be used on ALL hair and scalp conditions and men facial beards.

Q: May I exchange or refund products?

Every order is final sale due to the nature of our products.

Q: May I change or cancel my order?

Every order is final.

Q: I gave an incorrect address, am I eligible for a refund?

No refunds are given. *Please make sure your address is correct before submitting*

Q: My package was stolen, am I eligible for a new product or refund?

No refund. Unfortunately we are not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged packages. Once your package has left our presence it is in the carrier possession. We will try our best to guarantee your package is safe and secure before leaving our facility. 

**If you send an email with the picture of your order 24hrs of the delivery date, and it is damaged we will accommodate you ONE TIME ONLY!!! But be mindful you will be responsible for the cost of shipping. After your ONE TIME accommodation you will have to pay for a new order!**