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Healthy Hair Tips!

- Drink plenty of water it helps with the growth of your hair. -Deep condition about every 2 weeks (it helps the hair retain it's moisture, protection from heat damage and strengthening of your hair follicle). - Make sure to TRIM your ends every couple of months. - Moisturize/Massage your scalp (of course with our Miracle Elixir) - Let your hair BREATH (extremely important if you're in between protective styles, at least two days). - Remember to cover your hair at night. Last but not least LOVE and HEAL YOURSELF!

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Eczema Talk!

What is Eczema? A medical condition that causes rough patches on the skin also adding irritation and inflammation. NOT CONTAGIOUS!!!! What causes Eczema? The cause of Eczema is something that really can’t be explained. It really revolves around the immune system. From our understanding and what doctors have researched it’s our immune system overreacting to an irritant. It normally comes from if you’re family has a history of allergies and asthma. Some symptoms are itching, flakiness, bumps, peeling of the skin, dryness and dandruff. What is Atopic Dermatitis? It’s a chronic skin condition that’s long lasting. It makes the skin red, itchy and scaly. If you have Atopic Dermatitis you may have flare-ups quite often, which is normal. People who have Atopic Dermatitis have...

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